Journey example from Panama Canal to Cape Town using only purple, blue and yellow flight routes. Players need to answer seven questions in 90 seconds (five stopovers, journey origin and destination)

Spot One

The image above illustrates a possible way for the following dice outcome: Yellow, Green, Purple. It leads from Borobudur to the pyramids of Egypt through two locations: Singapore and Safari.

Spot Two

This image illustrates two possible ways from Panama for the following dice outcome: Blue, Purple, Blue. One way leads from Panama to New York through El Castillo and Whale watch. The second way leads to Galapagos flying back and forth to Tahiti.


Race from Panama Canal to New York. The minimum distance is three: blue-purple-blue or blue-black-purple with two stopovers

Run away

Run away from Sahara. The maximum distance the player can travel using the orange and yellow flight routes is two.


Shuttle from Safari. The player can travel to any adjacent location: Cape Town, Victria Falls, Ko Phi Phi, Singapore, Pyramid and Dubai


Travel to Dubai from Safari. Simply move your token to Dubai and explore it for free if it is available, otherwise the player who holds its card get 5 way coins

Spot Three

This image illustrates three possible ways from Sahara for the following dice outcome: Blue, Green, Orange. One way leads to Whale Watch through Paris and Amazon. The second way leads to Safari through Rio and Victoria Falls. The third way leads to Dubai through Egypt and Safari.


Budget from Arctic Lights. The player can get any attraction for free, but will need to pay for each flight he/she takes. For example, the player can explore Ski just for seven way coins.