Graph Matching Board Game

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Spot the way from the heights of Machu Picchu to the busy streets of Tokyo, from the rumbling water of Niagara Falls to the ancient pyramids of Egypt. In Wayspotting you compete to win the world travel game. You will crisscross the world, spot exciting ways, explore exotic adventures and participate in chellenges. Collect destination tokens and show good geographical knowledge to support you along the way. However, beware, challenges you lose can help other players in their journey. WaySpotting is a new generation of travel-themed board games designed from the ground up for children and families.

  • Smart: A slick hybrid between a board game and an app enhances the game experience with over 1000 interactive general knowledge questions
  • Innovative: The game is based on graph theory and a patented method of movement which encourages players to think creatively and to constantly solve spatial problems
  • Educational: Fun and exciting way to learn about our world by experience, kids will get lessons in decision-making, financial planning, consequences, and strategic thinking.
  • Simple: The rules and design were kept simple so that young players can enjoy the way, however the game has some unique and surprising elements that set it apart from other games and entertain adults as well

Enjoy the way and the beautiful design!


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How good are you at spotting ways? You can be the best way spotter by collecting destination tokens from around the world and participating in online challenges


  • 42 Destination Tokens
  • 100 Way Cards
  • 6 Jet Tokens
  • 100 Mini Tokens
  • 1 Game Board
  • 1 Die
  • Optional: 4 Way Dice
  • Also needed: An internet-connected device



Become the best way spotter by collecting as many destination tokens from the same category. The game ends when there are no more destinations to visit.